For greater confidence to your customers

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With corporate emails, you get multiple tools in the cloud and on your mobile

Google Corporate Emails

Google Corporate Emails

With 30 Gigs, 2 or 5 Teras of storage depending on the plan

Google Calendar

Optimize your schedule with Google Calendar

Productive meetings for your team from the web or mobile

Advice and administration of our team so that you take advantage of 100%
If your email is corporate, it advertises your website (

Google Meet and Google Chat

Google Meet and Google Chat

Video conference and messaging with up to 100, 150 or 500 people

Google Drive

Google Drive

Your work documents in the cloud because there is business everywhere

Google docs, sheets, slides

All your work files in one secure place

and without the need to buy additional software

sheets, docs, slides, forms, forms

Office compatible files

Share files with co-workers and edit in real time